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Work smarter not harder with a qualified Exercise physiologist and use safe and appropriate exercise to rehabilitate your body back to full function


Get the right help from an Associate Registered  Nutritionist to ensure long lasting sustainable changes to your diet

Women's Health

EPR clinic provides a comprehensive individualized  approach to women's health and well being

Medical & Health Assessments 

Know where your health is at!  We offer gold standard assessments to check and screen your health and fitness, helping guide you in the right direct

Cardiac rehabilitation 

We run one of NZs first virtual cardiac rehab programs available for anyone across NZ.  

Community Strength and Balance Classes

We provide approved community classes for seniors to help build and maintain strength, mobility and balance.   Age is just a number after all!



Hear from those who have had to rehabilitate, or prepare for surgery with


Personal training And Nutrition

Hear the wonderful success stories about how one on one training has helped clients achieve their goals

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