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    Cardio-pulmonary testing

    You get a WOF for your car....Why not get a WOF for your health!

    This gold standard measure of aerobic fitness also assesses your heart and lungs health.


    Maximise your rehabilitation from disease, illness or injury, or  prepare for surgery with pre-habilitation

    One on One training

    The best way to train for individualized and effective exercise, and prevention of disease and injury

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    Cardio-pulmonary testing

    Hear from those who have had a WOF test to assess their health and fitness


    Hear from those who have had to rehabilitate, or prepare for surgery with


    One on One training

    Hear the wonderful success stories about how one on one training has helped clients achieve their goals

    EPR Clinic is a boutique exercise physiology and rehabilitation clinic.  We are passionate about helping people rehabilitate from disease, injury or illness, and also helping those awaiting surgery maximize their fitness and strength, aiding a quicker and less complicated recovery.

    Our registered Clinical Exercise Physiologists (CEP's) have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and specialize in health screening, assessment, individualized exercise prescription and safe monitoring of clients.  Click here to learn more about EPR clinic and CEP's.

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