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Use a Degree Qualified Nutritionist 

We provide nutrition services by a Degree qualified nutritionist to ensure your advice, education, and solutions are safe and appropriate, and in line with guidelines.  Many professionals providing nutritional services are not qualified to do so which puts you in harm's way!   

Do you suffer from gut health issues: bloating, diarrhea/constipation, stomach cramping, gas or acid reflux? We specialize in Gut health assessments and solutions.

"Get the right help that gives you long-lasting and sustainable health changes.  The wrong diet changes can put you through unnecessary stress and can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, injury and even disease" 


EPR clinic provides comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle solutions to help you achieve your goals. 

Services can include:

  • Screening of medical conditions/risk and symptoms for disease

  • Hormonal and gut health screening

  • Comprehensive diet analysis of macro and micronutrients

  • Individualized program and support

  • Personalized meal plans/solutions

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