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Strength and Balance Classes

Senior Citizen Exercise Class
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Age is just a number! 

EPR Clinic is an approved Age Concern provider of community strength and balance classes.  We provide high-quality strength, balance, and mobility group exercise classes in three different locations.

If you are worried about your balance, have had a fall, or if you are just after some fun exercise in a group come and join us!

We run:

Level 1-2 classes which are mainly seated, with some standing exercise. Those with walking aids can participate safely

level 3 classes which involve standing exercises and floor exercises, suitable for those more confident with their balance, not yet requiring walking aides or assistance


Level 1 Mondays starting back 16th Jan 2023 10:15 am - 11:15 am 

5 Cape Hill road, Pukekohe (Creo gym),  Fee=$6 

Level 3 Tuesdays starting back 17th Jan 2023  11:45 am - 12:45 pm Pokeno Hall 19 Market St, Pokeno. Fee= $10. Bookings essential email or call 

Level 1 Thursdays starting 19th Jan 2023 10:15 am - 11:15 am 

5 Cape Hill road, Pukekohe (Creo gym),  Fee=$6 

We DO NOT run classes on public holidays.  

About the classes:

Classes are between 45minutes and 1 hour long, they have a combination of the lower body, upper body, and core exercise, with reaction time, brain training, and balance training through some fun interactive games. 

Each class costs $6 paid by cash on the day ($10 level 3 class). 

We recommend bringing a water bottle with you along with any angina, asthma, or diabetic medications. 


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