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About EPR Clinic

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About EPR Clinic

EPR Clinic provides evidence-based, individualized solutions for improving your health and well-being.  We are passionate about providing long-lasting and sustainable exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve your health and well-being.  We use highly qualified exercise and nutrition specialists to apply a comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your goals.

"What we do must work and it must last. We want you to be healthy for life"


Our service prides itself on tailoring exercise to each clients' goals and needs, and ensuring exercise is safe, appropriate, and effective! We are stringent on health screening and adequately assessing you before to starting exercise, and will put a clear plan put in place for your health and well-being journey to help you achieve your goals.

We can provide many of our services online, home, or gym based.  


The EPR Team

Chloe Trevor

Chloe is the owner and founder of EPR Clinic.  She has been a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist for over 6 years and has helped develop and teach the Clinical Exercise Physiology program at the University of Auckland.  Chloe is also a degree qualified nutritionist. She is now based in Sydney, Australia as a clinical educator and lecturer in exercise physiology at The University of Sydney.  She continues to see clients virtually and helps guide the EPR team with your exercise and nutritional needs.  


Chloe has over 10 years' experience in corporate health and well-being as an exercise physiologist and health coach performing health, medical and ergonomic checks, as well as health coaching and seminars. 


She has a wealth of experience using exercise as medicine to help rehabilitate and heal the body from injury, illness, chronic disease, and conditions such as pregnancy, post menopause and postural changes with sedentary lifestyles.  With her recent qualification in human nutrition, she believes in the long term, sustainable lifestyle changes using an individualized approach as no one body is the same! She also specializes in nutritional gut health.   

In her previous life, Chloe was a competitive horse rider in eventing and still dabbles in horse riding, she also loves to cook and watch good films.

Chloe Beach

Chloe completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Sport Science degree, followed by a postgraduate degree in Biokinetics with a Master's degree in Human Performance Science. She is passionate about helping people of all ability levels reach their exercise and training goals. Exercise looks different for everyone, and she thrives on creating a space where people can confidently explore this. 

She has a wide range of experience in various sporting and clinical settings that include cardiac rehabilitation, weight management in relation to diabetes, and exercise for individuals living with a disability. 

Chloe believes that the strength we create through exercise, translates into the strength we bring to our day to day living, both physically and mentally. 

When not working, she can most definitely be found on the beach or outdoors with her four-legged baby. Or with her family, exploring the beauty that New Zealand has to offer. 

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Anthony Muller 
MSc-Sport and exercise, PGDip (CEP)

Anthony completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelors of Health Science with Honours in Physiology degree, followed by an MSc in Exercise Sciences and finishing off with a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology.


He is passionate about helping people overcome limitations faced in life due to physical, emotional or mental setbacks. He believes that everyone can benefit from safe and effective exercise guided by the expertise, compassion and care provided by Clinical Exercise Physiologists.

He has expertise and experience in physical improvement, sport performance, strength progression, lifestyle improvement and exercise rehabilitation.  

Anthony believes exercise is the medicine everyone can access, and should be utilized to obtain their best life. 

When not working, you will find him working on his own goals at the gym, spending time with his with his fur baby, or simply exploring this beautiful country.  

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