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    State of the art equipment

    Here at EPR Clinic we have imported state of the art equipment from Schiller and Ganshorn (Swiss and German medical companies) for our cardio-pulmonary testing.  We have the Schiller CS-200 ECG and Ganshorn Power Cube spirometry analyzer.  Click here for more information on our equipment.

    This equipment is currently used in numerous sports teams as well as prestigious medical facilities such as the Cleveland clinic (USA) and Stanford university (USA).

    WOF for your health

    You get a WOF for your car, why not get a WOF for your health?  

    This test is highly recommended for men over 45years old and women over 55years old as risk for cardiovascular disease starts to increase.

    A Cardio-pulmonary test is the gold standard measure of fitness, but it can also assess the integrative response of the body to function together. This test can highlight possible disease or dysfunction in the following body systems; cardiac, respiratory, hematopoietic, musculoskeletal and neuropsychological systems.

    Where resting tests and assessments can overlook disease, a cardio-pulmonary test can assess the body under stress and load of exercise, providing more valuable information for your Doctor about your health.

    The test involves a maximal cycling test between 12-18minutes long (including warm up).  Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ECG, gas analysis, symptoms and rating of exertion are all monitiored throughout the test providing valuable information on health.  Your results are discussed in depth and sent to your Doctor/specialist.  


    This test is also a great test to assess your aerobic fitness, and can help provide an effective training program to improve fitness.  The equipment used at EPR clinic is top of the line and relied upon by teams such as Barcelona and Manchester United Football clubs, and the Haas formula one team. Click the link below to request a test.




    Cardio-Pulmonary testing