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    Effective rehabilitation

    EPR clinic specializes in rehabilitation from disease such as:

    • Heart disease or stroke

    • Parkinsons or cerebral palsy

    • Diabetes or obesity

    • Arthritis or joint injury

    • Anxiety or depression

    • Cancer

    • Asthma or COPD

    • Pregnancy and Post natal

    • plus many other conditions  

    Exercise is tailored to your needs, is effective and safe in helping you achieve your goals.   

    From the initial consultation a plan can be formulated for your rehabilitation journey. Further measurements in fitness and strength may be encouraged, and an individualized program designed. 

    One on one sessions are available to help you progress, these can be tailored to your needs and budget, a program can also be designed to suit your local gym of choice. or home based.  

    Your progress as you rehabilitate and any health changes are communicated to your health professional/doctor or specialist to ensure they are kept up to date.