Rehabilitation & One on One Training


"I never thought of myself as a “going to the gym” person — it was my orthopedic surgeon’s recommendation, as I was waiting for surgery to repair a torn meniscus in my left knee, that led me to signing up for one on one training with Chloe Trevor. And I’m very glad I did. Chloe has drawn on her extensive studies and training, and her wealth of knowledge of human physiology, to put together a “pre-habilitation” programme to give me the best possible preparation for my surgery.


Her support and encouragement get me through demanding training sessions that are tailored to my specific needs, and while I’m usually exhausted at the end of a session, I’m also always very grateful for the help that Chloe is giving me to ensure the best possible outcome for my surgery and recovery."


"I have been training with Chloe to improve my health and wellbeing. I have a comprehensive medical history limiting me, especially limiting my lung capacity, but since training with Chloe I have had noticeable improvements in myself. I’ve also had a healthy weight loss with improved strength. I use to walk with a walking stick, but ever since training with Chloe I never seem to use it anymore. I can now mow my lawns with ease. I feel privileged to have Chloe helping me with my health."     



"I first went to EPR Clinic in August 2017 where I met with Chloe to get a personalised Fitness program. I had not belonged to a gym previously so it was a big step for me. Chloe wrote me a program after discussing my current fitness level, rehabilitation I required (I had knee surgery in 2016) and my goals. In the next few weeks I also did a Cardio-pulmonary test with Chloe. My program was then altered to suit. A few months after doing my program which Chloe revised every 4-6 weeks I started one on one training sessions. I now do 3 sessions per week and absolutely love them. Chloe is an amazing trainer, her knowledge is incredible and she challenges me within each session. I started road cycling about 15 months ago and Chloe ensures my sessions work with my cycling. I have recently had a diet analysis done and the changes to my my eating habits have been very beneficial for my sessions and my road cycling.


I would highly recommend anyone with injuries, had surgery, require rehabilitation or just want an amazing PT to see Chloe. "


"The reason I came to see the very talented and knowledgable Chloe Trevor was I had a serious accident and severed the tendons in my left foot, and was in a variety of casts for 14 weeks and unable to walk on both feet.

Through the grueling, challenging but manageable sessions with Chloe after 11 months I was able to balance completely on each feet and hold a plank position for over a minute with no pain of any kind. Strengthening this area with Chloe's guidance I was shown how to continue to evenly strengthen and balance all the muscles around the area, which involved depleting what was there to then start on an even level to regain muscle and strength in both legs. With Chloe's ever encouragement, and genuine commitment and interest in my total well being, this has been achieved and i am now able to use both feet nearly 100 percent. After the full 12 months of recovery I hope to return to Boxing.
The journey war arduous, and at times overwhelming, but with Chloe this was very achievable.  With her skill base, knowledge and genuine compassion I am well on the way to a full recovery.



"When I came in to see Chloe I couldn't walk without pain and I just want to Thank her so much for all the help she has given me in getting fit again. It has made me realize how important it is to exercise regularly, which I still do 4 times a week. I am now enjoying a pain free active lifestyle."