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Functional Assessments 
Nutritional Services 
Personal training and programs 

All assessments come with a client and doctor report   

  • Cardiopulmonary exercise stress test 1.5hr appointment $270 

  • Exercise ECG test $150

  • VO2 max test 45 minute appointment $120

  • Resting ECG $40

  • Resting spirometry $40

  • Strength and flexibility assessment $50

  • Skin folds percent body fat $40 

  • Resting and exercising Blood pressure $40

Nutrition consultation, screening (includes basic diet, hormone and gut screen)  30minutes $80

Nutrition Gut health 6 week plan(excludes supplements) $50 


Nutrition analysis of macro and micro nutrients and guided meal plan with guide for shopping list $120

Nutrition Follow up sessions 30 minutes $55 



30minutes  $55

 45minutes  $70 

 60minutes   $85 


One FREE  20 minute consultation/health screening (does not include measurements or plans, Nutrition analysis)






Strength and balance classes $5 cash

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